“Karm,” in Thai, holds a twofold meaning: it refers to the captivating “indigo colour” and also the name of a native plant that thrives in the lush forests across different regions of Thailand. Thai indigo, a cherished natural dye, has been passed down through generations, drawing its essence from the leaves of the indigo plant and a blend of local ingredients that unlock the distinct richness of its blue hues. As I delve into the craft of creating the indigo tank, the journey commences with the collection of indigo plant leaves during the monsoon season, followed by a process of fermentation in water.

The indigo tank is alive. It is a microcosm that teems with microorganisms coexisting alongside the indigo. Formed through the alchemy of ashes, herbs, and a touch of sugar, this organic compound serves as a precursor to indigo dye. When nurtured and tended with care, the resulting colour can endure for years, breathing life into the fabric it adorns.

Through my exploration of this traditional craft, I am rejuvenating techniques that blend seamlessly with the indigo-dyed fabric tradition. By harnessing the crystallisation of indigo by playing with the ratio of its own ingredients, I created an artefact that captured the movement of the fabric This transformative process imbues the indigo with the power to evolve over time, symbolising the craft’s need to adapt and grow, lest it fade away.

Using the crystals produced from this process, I aim to challenge the fast-paced fashion industry with my heritage slow craft. The jewellery created gradually dissolves over time, delicately surrendering to the elements when exposed to the weather. This gentle dissolution leaves behind a captivating indigo-coloured mark on the fabric, forging a lasting memory between the cloth and our exquisite creations. As time goes by, the jewellery undergoes a graceful transformation, mirroring the ever-evolving nature of life itself. The mark on the cloth, once vivid, gradually fades, symbolising the wearer’s unique daily experiences. It is a beautiful testament to the wearer’s individual journey, capturing the essence of their personal story within the fabric and jewellery.